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Certified Colon Hygienist, REIKI Practitioner & Nutritional Counselor

Back to Nature Health and Wellness Center
Back to Nature Health and Wellness Center
Back to Nature Health and Wellness Center
Back to Nature Health and Wellness Center
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Back to Nature Health and Wellness Center

Holistic Health Practice, Annapolis, MD

Back to Nature Health and Wellness Center is a privately owned, community-based holistic health practice located in Annapolis, MD. My name is Argo Duenas. I am a certified colon hygienist, massage therapist, foot reflexologist, REIKI practitioner, and the producer and host of "Your Health is Your Wealth," a local cable TV show in Annapolis, Maryland, and Anne Arundel County.

Years of Experience

My experiences in traditional nursing 20 years ago, compounded with personal health problems, led me to seek natural healing and, consequently, a more natural lifestyle.

As humankind begins to respect and obey the laws of nature and God, I sincerely believe that all of the ills the world suffers from today will be healed.


Nature Healer

We provide expert services in natural healing. We do not diagnose, prescribe medicine, nor treat illness. Our goal is to help you acquire the necessary knowledge, information, and skills needed to prevent further stress or illness.



Please read what our customers say about the treatments at our health and wellness center.

I was amazed at how differently I felt

After years of struggling with chronic constipation and abdominal discomfort, I decided to begin colonic treatments. I was referred to Back to Nature Wellness Center from my acupuncturist, who highly recommended that I see Argo for treatment. After my first colonic, I was amazed at how differently I felt – my abdominal discomfort was gone and my bowel movements became much more regular. While I received relief on a physical level, I also became very aware of cleansing on other levels as well. Often times after I receive colonics, I feel as if every part of my body, every cell in my being, is alive and awake. After completing my first series of colonics with Argo, I began to feel like myself again – I no longer have constipation, I have a mindful awareness of the foods that I eat, and I have an overall increased vitality. I am so grateful to have met Argo and to explore the many possibilities of healing that colonic treatments offer. Argo is an amazing practitioner and creates a space for healing to occur on all levels.

~Jenn Loyd

Westminster, MD

Natural medicine is an answer

As a member of the medical profession, I personally feel that natural medicine is an answer and solution for many of today’s growing problems.

I am a client of Argo Duenas and feel that colon therapy is important to one’s well being.

~Marilyn E. Bollengier R.N

Columbus, South Carolina

I look better and feel better

Since I have been going to Back to Nature for my regular colonics, my body has readjusted to a healthier way of eating, and the weight loss has been amazing. I look forward to having the colonics done, plus I feel so much lighter, especially in my stomach – where most overweight people have trouble losing weight.

I also look better and feel like a brand new person. I have gone down 3 dress sizes and two bra sizes – and this all happened after the 5th colonic. I am not where I want to be with my weight yet, but I am determined, and dedicated to my diet program, and have learned very well how to get all the heavy foods back out of my system once I have gone off the diet for any reason at all. Remember this – DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP IF YOU SHOULD SWAY FROM YOUR DIET, JUST SIMPLY START OVER THE RIGHT WAY. You must have confidence in yourself and know that you can do whatever you start out to do.

I want all who read or hear of this testimony to be blessed. Remember, you don’t have to take my word for it, just have a series of 5 colonics done and see for yourself. You can tell by the results of your own body much better than you can of someone else’s body.

I would highly recommend the colonics to both male and female. This is a health situation – not a sex determination of who it is best for. I would be more than happy to show myself to anyone who has not yet had any of the colonics or maybe even give a talk in depth of just what the colonics have done for my whole body – inside and out. Most of all, I will have the colonics done whenever necessary because I want to live a healthier, happier life the rest of my days – and I praise God for it.

~Glenna Lucas

Washington, DC