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Ear candling, sometimes called ear cleansing or ear coning, is a process for removing unwanted materials from the ear. The technique utilizes a hollow candle coated wax.

One end of the candle is placed snugly into the ear while the other end is lit. The lighting of the candle creates a gentle vacuum, which can soften and dislodge wax and debris and pull it into the candle.

Fingertips or cotton swabs cannot reach debris, including heavy impacted wax, fungus, residue of past infection and fat globules, lodged in crevices deep within the ear. People who suffer from candida, for example, may have an accumulation of fungus in their ears. The darkness and moisture within the ear are a perfect environment for yeast to breed and the blood supply that comes up into the head provides a steady food source.

Who can benefit from Candling?
Candling is not limited to those afflicted with ear problems. Just as with normal body hygiene, like clipping the nails, brushing the teeth, combing the hair everyone can benefit from having their ears cleaned. Most people do not realize exactly how much "gunk" is in the ears until they undergo their first session. Ear candling is a very effective method for removing wax and debris. It gets into the hard-to-reach areas where the fungus and wax has become impacted and hardened.

How often should the ears be cleaned?
The length of time between ear candling sessions depends upon the condition of the ears. For general cleaning purposes, to simply maintain health, once every several months is sufficient. If debris is causing hearing difficulty, two or three sessions can be done three to seven days apart. This allows the ear time to replenish its normal wax, in addition to stimulating its own natural healing.


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