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115 Ridgely Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401
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About Us

Back to Nature Health and Wellness Center is a privately owned, community based holistic health practice located in Annapolis, MD.

My name is Argo Duenas. I am a certified colon hygienist, massage therapist, foot reflexologist, and REIKI practitioner as well as the producer and host of "Your Health is Your Wealth," a local cable TV show in Annapolis, Maryland and Anne Arundel County.

My experiences in traditional nursing 20 years ago compounded with personal health problems led me to seek natural healing and consequently a more natural life style.

I deeply believe that as humankind begins to respect and obey the laws of nature and God, that all of the ills the world suffers from today will be healed.

We provide expert services in natural healing.
We do not diagnose, prescribe medicine nor treat illness. Our goal is to help you acquire the necessary knowledge, information, and skills needed to prevent further stress or illness.




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